Your big move is coming up, and you want to know how to ensure all your household goods arrive safely. This is especially true if you have arranged to have your movers also do your packing. There are a lot of reasons why this is a great idea, even if you are feeling nervous about it. Having your movers do your packing frees you up to focus on making travel plans to your new home. You won’t have to pack and manage family tasks simultaneously. Movers who also provide packing services are experienced, organized, and can manage the task more quickly. What might take you weeks, could take them mere hours. They will have all of the proper packing materials on hand such as strong boxes, bubble wrap, and padded blankets. And you won’t be living in a sea of moving boxes for weeks before your move. Whether you are moving a small amount of household goods, everything in your home, or even shipping household goods internationally, here are some steps you can take to make sure your belongings arrive safely and securely.

1. Keep Your Valuables With You
You don’t want to lose track of your most critical items. It’s a good idea to keep anything that is extremely difficult (or impossible) to replace with you during your move. These items might include: medications and medical devices, important documents, identification, toiletries, and items of high sentimental value

2. Pre-Inventory Before Your Packing Date
Before the day your moving company is due to arrive for packing, take a thorough inventory of your items—especially your high-value items. Jewelry, electronics, musical equipment, gaming consoles and games, and anything else that you know will be costly to replace in the event of loss. Make a list, or even a spreadsheet, of these items. Note and record any flaws or defects. Take pictures, as this will be an invaluable proof of ownership and condition if needed. Include photos of serial numbers if applicable.

3. Get Moving Insurance
Most moving companies offer insurance, and you should take the time to learn what your moving company offers and includes (and does not include) in their coverage. Also ask your home insurance company what they cover during a move. You might consider taking out additional coverage for especially high-value items.

4. Report Loss Or Damage As Soon As Possible
In the event that there is loss or damage, report it and make a claim as soon as you are aware of it. There is usually a deadline for reporting loss or damage after a move, and you don’t want to miss the window! Movers On Demand offers both packing and unpacking services to ease the stress of moving.

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